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21 August, 2015

Baked Panko Chicken Tenders w/ Basil Aioli

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So, I sometimes struggle with finding recipes that I like AND my kids like.  I have an 8 and 2 year old that don’t particularly have the same palate as I do.  I saw this recipe on the Love and Olive Oil blog for baked panko chicken tenders and thought YES!  I was especially pleased that it came with a recipe for a basil aioli too…all for me!

I opted to go with a whole boneless skinless chicken breast and cut it into tenders.  I might not do this next time, as some of them ended up a little thick and I had to add a lot on to the cook time.

I absolutely loved the chicken coating mix of panko, basil, paprika and garlic powder with just a little pinch of cayenne.  It’s kid friendly with out being boring.  I might even add parmesan next time I make this!

When I baked this, I put them in for 15 minutes (per the recipe) and when I went to flip them half way through, I noticed that the coating didn’t get brown at all.  What I would suggest is spraying your chicken with cooking spray after coating, but before putting them into the oven.  That seemed to do the trick for me.  After I did that, the chicken seemed to get a nice, brown crunchy coat on it.

Oh!  And the basil aioli…yum!  This is what made it into an adult dish!  The recipe calls for using garlic powder, but if you have it, I would use fresh.

Here is the original link for Baked Panko Chicken Tenders with Basil Aioli:


It was so nice seeing all the family eating the same meal!  No making mac and cheese or peanut butter and jelly.  Enjoy!

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