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30 August, 2015

French Onion Soup Burger

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I love burgers, especially during the summer!  We grill exclusively on a charcoal grill, so I usually have a lot of time to get the burgers and sides going while we wait for the grill to heat up.

I love looking for recipes for different types of burgers, as mustard and ketchup gets a little boring after a while.  I found this recipe for French Onion Soup Burgers on the Cooking with Jax blog, and thought it sounded tasty.  And boy I was right!

This recipe is super simple.  You just add french onion soup mix to your burger ( I use ground sirloin) along with bread crumbs and an egg.  Easy, right?!?  While your burger mix is chilling in the fridge, you then can make up your onion topping.  Onions, worcestershire sauce and butter are combined to make a really unique burger topping.

This burger also comes with a recipe for garlic aioli.  It is just mayo mixed with garlic powder and the leftover onion soup mix.  It is also suggested you use either mozzarella cheese or gruyere to top your meat.  I almost will always go with gruyere, when given the choice!

The result is a burger PACKED with flavor!! The meat has just enough flavor from the soup mix, that no other seasoning is needed (though I did add just a little bit of worcestershire sauce).  The onions give the burger a sweet taste with a nice soft crunch from the cooked onions.  And the gruyere gives it a slight nutty taste that blends so well with the other flavor profiles.  And the aioli is a great refreshing finishing touch.

I do think next time I might try adding mushrooms to the onion topping, as I love the taste of onions and mushrooms together.

Summers not over yet!!  You have plenty of time to try this awesome French Onion Soup Burger.





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