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26 August, 2015

Skinny Avocado Pizza

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Who doesn’t love pizza?!?  I know I do!  BUT, I don’t really like making pizza…I much prefer calling and having it delivered to my house.  Right?  This pizza recipe has almost changed my mind…

I found this recipe on Pinterest, via Little Broken.  This pizza has a pesto sauce atop a puff pastry crust and is topped with avocados, tomatoes and red onions and drizzled with an avocado cream sauce.  Super simple ingredients with a complex taste!

I will warn you, the ingredients list is long and so is the prep time.  But I think most pizza recipes are a little bit more work, that why most prefer to order out.  But this one is worth the extra time in the kitchen, I promise.

The reason the prep time is long is because you are making your own pesto and avocado cream sauces.  The pesto, alone, has 14 ingredients!  But it is soooooo worth it to make it fresh.  I’m not sure what makes it so good (maybe the turmeric, maybe the vinegar, maybe the green onions…) but this is the best pesto I’ve ever made.

But other than the long list of ingredients, the recipe is pretty simple.  The puff pastry “crust” is a great idea!  Just make sure you roll it out, as described in the recipe.  I don’t think I rolled mine thin enough and it ended up not getting done in the middle, even after adding cooking time.  The pesto is spread on the pastry and cooked.  When it’s done, you add all the chopped toppings and drizzle the avocado cream sauce.

Oh!  One more thing.  The pesto recipe and the avocado cream recipe are enough for TWO pizzas.  I didn’t read this until after I made the pesto, so I halfed the avocado cream recipe.  I used the leftover pesto on gnocchi the next day for dinner.

This is a recipe I will be adding to my repertoire of regular recipes, it was that good.  And notice the title says SKINNY!!

Here is the original link for Skinny Avocado Pizza via Little Broken:



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