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23 September, 2015

Roasted Vegetables with Orzo

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I love orzo!  If you have never cooked with orzo, you must try it.  Orzo is a mini football shaped pasta.  I sub orzo a lot for rice, as it is similar in size.

This recipe for Roasted Vegetables with Orzo goes waaaaaay back.  I found this recipe in the January/February 2007 issue of Simple & Delicious Magazine.  It is so simple and super healthy, so it was a staple in my side dish repertoire for a long time.

This recipe calls for tomatoes (I use grape), green and red peppers and onions.  You can always sub any of the veggies this recipe calls for, but I love all these, so I pretty much stick to it.  You roast the veggies in olive oil and garlic with a bit of salt and pepper for 20 minutes and then add them to the cooked orzo.  SO EASY!

The flavor of the roasted veggies is so fresh.  The peppers have just a bit of a crunch and the tomatoes have a little bit of a pop when you bite into them.  The garlic gives this accompaniment a bit of a zing.

This dish pairs with just about any kind of main dish you can think of!  And, it is only 178 calories for a 2/3 cup serving.  It keeps well in the fridge, which makes it perfect for lunch the next day.



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