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7 September, 2015

Apple Bacon Coleslaw

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Labor Day is finally here, marking the end of the summer season…and summer eating.  Even though summer doesn’t officially end until September 23rd, BBQ’s just don’t have the same feeling after the kids go back to school.

So, we are celebrating today by grilling out!  I am making an Apple Bacon Coleslaw to go along with our meat.  I originally found this recipe on the Free Recipe Network.

This recipe combines cabbage, fennel,bacon, scallions and apples (I use Granny Smiths) with cider vinegar, mayo, honey, a splash of orange juice and lemon.  Now, I was afraid with all the sweet ingredients (apples, honey, OJ) that this was going to taste really sweet.  I was pleasantly surprised that the little bit of sweet ingredients highlighted the acidy ingredients!  The Granny Smith apples blend so well with the cabbage and fennel, that you almost can’t tell they are there.  But they lend just a hint of tartness that really makes this dish a winner.  And the bacon…I mean bacon make everything better.

Just a warning, this recipe is to be made the day before serving and refrigerated overnight.

If you are bored with your one dimensional coleslaw recipe, give this Apple Bacon Slaw a try!!


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