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25 September, 2015

Grilled Cheese with Gouda and Onion

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Four words for you …adult…grilled…cheese…sandwiches.  A favorite of mine and my husbands.  It combines the simplicity of a grilled cheese (which the hubs likes) while adding sophisticated ingredients (which I like).

This recipe for Grilled Cheese with Gouda, Roasted Mushrooms and Onions, which I found on the She Wears Many Hats website, is what we had for dinner earlier this week.  A perfect mid week meal, if you ask me.

The ingredients list is super small for this one.  Just mushrooms, onion, butter, olive oil, bread (I used sourdough) and gouda.

Simply toss the sweet onion and mushrooms in olive oil and roast them in the oven for about 20 minutes.  When done, assemble the sandwiches, making sure you put the cheese on both pieces of bread to help keep the sandwich together.

These grilled cheese were divine!!  The veggies were tender, yet had a tiny bit of crunch left to them after roasting.  I chose to put smoked gouda, along with a bit of gruyere cheese on the sandwiches.  The gouda made it smoky and melty and the gruyere gave it a bit of sharp nutty taste.  The sourdough is the perfect bread for this, as it is sturdy yet still stays quite soft after its grilled.

Oh!  I almost forgot…I may have added just a single piece of center cut bacon…yum…

This recipe is definitely a keeper!


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