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5 October, 2015

Homemade Pistachio Pudding Cake

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Let’s talk cake!  Probably my favorite dessert.  I am constantly pinning yummy looking cakes, whether it be in the form of cupcakes or dump cakes.

This recipe I found for Homemade Pistachio Pudding cake on the Kitchen Magpie blog sounded soon good, as my favorite kind of pudding is pistachio.  Luckily, this dish did not disappoint.

I am trying to figure out what makes this cake so darn good.  You start out by combining butter, sugar, pistachio pudding mix, eggs and pistachios.  You then mix together your wet ingredients of milk, canola oil and vanilla. Then your dry; flour, cornstarch, baking powder and salt. You alternate adding the wet and dry to your butter mixture.  The finished product is a super fluffy batter.

I made this  cake in a bunt pan, as recommended by the author.  Make sure you use bakers Pam (or equivalent), as we want to make sure the cake gets out of the pan in one piece (unlike my first attempt at making this cake).  Fifty-five minutes later you have a beautifully formed pistachio cake!

This cake is soooooo super moist.  It is the perfect texture, with many pistachios scattered throughout the cake.  The pistachio flavor is in the forefront here.  And did I mention how moist this cake is?!?!

Now, this yummy cake comes with a separate, suggested pistachio pudding buttercream recipe.  I did make this recipe (which is basically just butter, pistachio pudding and confectioners sugar) and it was tasty, but a little sweet for me.  The cake is flavorful and moist enough to be served without the frosting, but I think the perfect solution would be to make the frosting into a glaze.


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