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12 October, 2015

Mexican Pasta Salad

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Indian summer has commenced here in Michigan, so we have been grilling!  I found a perfect companion to hamburgers, hot dogs or chicken…Mexican Pasta Salad from the Recipes, Food and Cooking website.

This is a super hardy pasta salad recipe.  So hardy, in fact, it could be a meal on its own.

The author starts out cooking large elbow macaroni (I used regular mac, only because I couldn’t find large ones).  You then add mini peppers, onions, black beans, corn, jalapeños and salsa (I used fresh medium salsa instead of jarred) and mix together.  Now, you make a dressing of sour cream, mayo, taco seasoning, garlic and S+P.  Pour over your pasta salad and stir.

This is one of those salads you will want to let sit overnight.  It stays super creamy and is super depthy in taste.  The black beans make the dish quite substantial and the corn adds a freshness to it.  The spice is perfect, as it has just a bit of a bite.

This recipe will be added to my favorite salads, hope it will be added to yours too!


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