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7 April, 2016

Pesto Salmon with Italian Veggies

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We are embarking today on our very first full scale kitchen remodel.  As an interior designer, I have often seen clients kitchens torn out and their lives being totally disrupted because of this.  Needless to say, I’m a little (lot) scared!  I absolutely cannot have take out for every meal for the next three weeks.  I now see that we will be doing a LOT of grilling and crockpotting.  So the recipe research has begun!

The first recipe I have found for the series I’m calling “Renovation Recipes” is pretty perfect for what I am needing.  Pesto Salmon with Italian Veggies in Foil by Cooking Classy is a protein and side dish in one cute little package!  Easy…check.  No need for a stove…check.  Delicious…check!

Now, we are starting out by boiling some fresh green beans for the bottom layer of the foil packet.  We are just boiling them for 3 minutes, as they will continue to cook on the grill.  The author suggest that you can swap out asparagus for the beans, but I went with the beans.  After the beans are done boiling, toss them with olive oil, S+P and layer them in the middle of your aluminum foil.  You will then need to season your salmon and set that on top of the beans.  Spread about a teaspoon of basil pesto on top of the salmon and drizzle a bit of lemon juice over the filet.  Cut some grape tomatoes in half and toss with olive oil and S+P and layer onto the salmon.  Seal each packet and you are ready to bake!

This is where I changed it up a bit to fit my needs.  I grilled the packets instead of baking them in the oven.  I heated the grill up to 400 and baked the fish for about 25 minutes.  I actually thought that would be too long to cook it, but it ended up PERFECT.

This dish is so rustic.  The flavors were incredibly simple, yet delicious.  The fish was perfectly cooked.  The pesto was essential as it really was the main flavor profile of the dish… and really helped to keep the salmon moist.  The acid from the tomatoes brought a brightness to the dish.  The green beans still had a bit of a snap to them and had great flavor from the juices of the fish, tomatoes and pesto!

To view the full recipe, please follow this link:  http://www.cookingclassy.com/2015/07/pesto-salmon-and-italian-veggies-in-foil/




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