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27 July, 2016

Pimento Grilled Cheese

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I wouldn’t normally classify grilled cheese sandwiches as a “summer” dish.  Total fall/winter comfort food for me.  But this recipe that I found for Pimento Grilled Cheese on the Recipe 77 website has me second guessing myself.

You see, this grilled cheese is made with tons of veggies that I grow in my garden!  I was a little freaked out by putting more than one veggie (tomato) in my GCS, but I gave it a try and here’s what I came up with!

First, I chopped up all my veggies…green pepper, red pepper, chives and jalapeño.  I cut them quite small, as they are going to be mixed into my sandwich spread.  Next, I combine finely shredded cheddar cheese (for more flavor, use sharp) and mozzarella with greek yogurt.  Make sure to salt and pepper this mixture properly!!  Then I folded in the veggies.  Butter your bread slices (I used a local homemade bread) and spread the cheese mixture onto it.  Place the buttered bread into the hot pan and put some thinly sliced tomato slices (I used a heirloom fresh out of the garden) onto of the cheese.  Cover with your other slice of buttered bread and cook it like you would a regular grilled cheese.

My good God.  Buttery, cheesy heaven.  The cheese filling is the most scrumptious insides to a sandwich.  The sharp cheddar gives it tons of flavor while the mozzarella makes it super creamy.  The greek yogurt is a hearty base that adds a bit of tang.  The red and green pepper give it a fresh crunch. The tomato makes the spread sing and the jalapeño adds just a teeny, tiny bit of heat that is sooooo appreciated.  Smashing this mixture between two pieces of buttery, toasted bread…it is the end all be all.

This will certainly be a staple sandwich at my house, as my husband went gaga for it!  And just to let you know, if you make this recipe with whole wheat bread and nonfat yogurt, its only 319 calories!!

Follow the link for the full recipe:  http://77recipes.com/pimento-cheese-sandwiches/

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