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6 March, 2017

Orange Knots

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Sooooooo, I found this recipe for 30 Minute Orange Knots on the Little Dairy on the Prairie (cutest name ever!) blog.  I finally got around to making them, and wow, they were SO amazing.  Like the title says, they are able to be made in just a short 30 minute time frame…and they are also able to be eaten in that short of time…

These babies start off with pre made refrigerated biscuit dough, really cutting down on your prep time.  Cut each biscuit disk in half and then roll out into a rope.  Tie them in a “knot” and place them on a parchment lined cookie sheet.  Brush some melted butter on top.  Now comes the good part!  Mix sugar and orange zest (I used one whole orange).  When zesting, make sure just to use the very outer part of the rind, because  if you  go any deeper the zest will become bitter tasting.  Dip the knots into the sugar mixture (go ahead and be liberal, as you can always make more!) and place them back on the baking sheet.

Bake them in the oven for 8-10 minutes.  Make sure you are keeping a close eye on them, as you do not want the sugar to burn.  You may even want to rotate the sheets half way through, so the back knots don’t get overdone.  After taking the are done, take them out and start work on the glaze.  Just mix powdered sugar along with orange juice and orange zest and it mades for quite an amazing icing!  While the knots are still warm, brush them with the glaze.

Now, be prepared to eat the whole damn batch.  Of course, they are the best served right out of the oven.  The savoriness of the biscuit is so nicely balanced by the sweetness of the icing.  The little bit of crunch from the sugar is heavenly and the zing of the orange zest is the best component of the dish!  These are a great alternative to a heavy, sweet cinnamon roll.  Great for breakfast or a weekend afternoon snack.  Just make sure you have people to eat them, because you could very easily eat them all yourself…

The recipe states that you can store them for up to a day, but make sure you throw them into the microwave for a few seconds to warm them.

For the full recipe, follow the link below:



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