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14 March, 2017

WW Chicken Taco Casserole

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When dieting, I alway seem to get craving for food that is not usually very health…like  Mexican.  I hesitate to say Mexican is my fav, as I am an equal opportunity foodie, but I really enjoy eating it.  I found a recipe for Weight Watchers Chicken Taco Casserole on the Slap Dash Mom blog and wanted to see if it would feed my craving.

I loved how simple this recipe was to put together.  Mexican dishes can take a long time to prepare and also have a laundry list of ingredients.  This one started out with spreading a layer of broken tortilla chips on the bottom of a casserole dish (I used a 9×13, but next time I will use a smaller one, I feel like I spread my ingredients too thin).  Next, sauté onions, green peppers and chicken together and then add a packet of taco seasoning and water to make a sauce.  Add the black beans (this step is missing in the original recipe) and salsa to the chicken mixture.  The recipe calls for just a half can of beans, but I used the whole thing.

Add a layer of chicken mixture on to the tortilla chips, followed by another layer of chips and the last of the chicken.  Spread about a cup of fat free sour cream on top of the casserole and then add shredded monterey jack to top it off.  Bake at 350 for just 20 minutes.

Well, my craving was fulfilled!  My favorite part of Mexican food is the spiciness and cheesiness (is that even a word?), and this recipe was all that.  The tortilla chips blend into the casserole, making them more like soft flour tortillas.  The chicken is spicy and robust.  The black beans add a meatiness to the dish and the green pepper adds a great freshness!  Love the sour cream and cheese topping.

For the full recipe, follow the link below:


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