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9 January, 2018

IP Sausage and White Bean Soup

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I’m back…and equipt with an Instant Pot and an air fryer fresh off santa’s sleigh.

I was super intimidated with my shiny new Instant Pot, but it proved to be much easier than expected.  I took it easy on myself and started out with a soup recipe, thinking that would be pretty easy…and it was.

This soup is super rustic, and that’s what I really love about it!  I found the recipe for Instant Pot Sausage and White Bean Soup on Good In The Simple website.

First off, your Instant Pot has a saute setting!  This means not having to dirty more dishes when a recipe asks you to saute or brown.  Happy dance!  And that’s exactly what you do to start our bean soup recipe, saute your slices of turkey sausage (I used Echrich Smoked Turkey brand).  After sausage is browned, you will add celery, garlic, onions and carrots to saute for just a couple minutes.

When that is complete you switch your IP off of the saute setting and add your white beans.  Now this is a point of contention with other people that made this recipe…to soak or not to soak the beans.  The author made the recipe without soaking the beans and said it turned out just fine when she added 5 minutes to the cook time.  Other said the beans were not cooked all the way through.  I soaked my navy beans for about 2 hours, and they were PERFECT when my soup was finished cooking.  Add the rest of the ingredients, which consist of fresh rosemary and thyme, vegetable broth and spinach.  Just an FYI on the spinach, I do not like large soggy spinach leaves in my soups, so I chopped them up a bit.

Set your IP for 20 minutes on high.  Now my IP has a soup setting, so I used that.  It automatically puts in a time of 30 minutes, but you can manually adjust that to 20.  When done, release the pressure valve and season with salt and pepper.  I wanted my soup a little more starchy, so I did what the author suggested and smashed some of the beans.

What you are left with is a pot of soup that taste like its been simmering all freaking day.  I was totally amazed at the depth of flavor the dish had.  Smoky from the sausage, yet a light broth…perfect soup for those below freezing nights!

For the full recipe, follow the link  https://www.goodinthesimple.com/instant-pot-smoked-sausage-white-bean-vegetable-soup/

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