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25 February, 2018

Instant Pot Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup

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So it is the dead of winter here in Michigan…and it is COLD.  This makes me want to do nothing but cook comfort food for every single meal.  Now that I am equipt with an Instant Pot, winter cooking is fun (and quick)!

I have been on the lookout for recipes for my Instant Pot that my whole family will like…which is difficult with my picky 5 year old.  When I saw this recipe for Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup from the Recipe Rebel, I knew it would be a hit for the whole fam.

This recipe starts off with adding chopped carrots, celery and spinach (not gonna lie, I left the spinach out for fear the kiddies would not eat it).  Add your chopped chicken breast (fresh or frozen) and a bunch of spices (parsley, salt, thyme, garlic powder and pepper) and chicken broth.  Seal up your pot and set for 5 minutes.

So you have successfully made the broth!  The smell is amazing, once you release the pressure.  Set your pot to sauté and add the pasta (I used ditalini, but orzo would have been good too!).  The author suggest cooking for 4-5 minutes, but my pasta took a bit longer.  While the pasta is cooking, we get a thickener of corn starch and milk mixed together.  Once the pasta is done, add the thickener to the pot and stir…your soup will thicken up instantly and continue to as it cools.

Since we added the cream (milk), the broth in this soup is a bit untradional, but we loved it.  The soup is deep in flavor and the veggies are tender.  This is the magic of an Instant Pot!  The dish tastes like it has been cooking ALL DAY…not just 5 minutes.

Follow the link for the full recipe:


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